How Much Does It Cost To Set Up A Solar Panel System?


How Much Does it Cost to Set Up a Solar Panel System?

Are you considering installing a solar panelElectricity Freedom Systeml system for your home? You've probably been looking all over online for more information to help you make a reasonable decision about how to go about it. The main decision, and probably MOST important, that you need to make is whether or not to have a solar system professionally installed or build and install your own solar panels on your home. Here's some pros and cons of both.

The main advantage of having a professional solar panel installation is that it is worry free. A professional will come to your home and talk with you about your solar needs and together you will decide how much to spend to completely outfit your home. He will do all the labor (at a cost or course) and you won't need to do anything but pay him. The disadvantage of this scenario is that it will cost up to $20,000 for an average size home. If you have the income to spare this is an ideal way to get into utililizing solar power in your home.

In the current economy most families do not have that amount of money to spare so a viable alternative is to build your own solar panels. This may not seem possible to most people but it's pretty easy if you find a good guide that shows you step by step how to make and install your own panels for less than $200 a piece. This can also be a easy way to "test" the waters of using solar power to reduce your power bills in your home.


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