Do You Want To Really Get Rid Of The Dry Skin On Your Heels?


Do You Want To Really Get Rid Of The Dry Skin On Your Heels?

ThePinpointe FootLaserhas received FDA-clearance for use in  Fungus Eliminator Review dermatology and plastic surgery. Since the laser has not been approved by the FDA specifically for the treatment of nail fungus, using the laser to treat nail fungus is an off-label use. What that means is that doctors and podiatrists may use the laser to treat toenail fungus, but the manufacturer of the laser, Pinpointe USA, Inc., cannot market or promote the device to perform that function in the U.S. Pinpointe is seeking FDA approval to market the device to treat onychomycosis and has submitted studies to the FDA to support that use.

Another laser device, the Noveonlaser manufactured by Nomir Medical Technologies has received clearance from FDA for use during contact and non-contact surgical procedures of the skin, subcutaneous tissues and nasal passages in dermatology, plastic surgery, podiatry, and otolaryngology. However, like the Pinpointe laser, the Noveon laser has not been specifically approved for use in combating nail fungus.

The two laser devices both work by shining specific wavelengths of near infrared light through the nail plate of the toe or finger. The light from the laser eradicates the fungus, yeast or mold that are under the nail plate and which are causing the infection. The laser light has no effect on the surrounding healthy tissue. There is no pain but some patients experience temporary warmth in the nail during treatment.

PinPointe reported that in a clinical trial, 88% of the treated patients grew out a normal looking nail after a single laser treatment. Nomir has stated publicly that in one study its Noveon laser therapy treatments resulted in 87% clinical improvement. Both of those results are significantly higher than were found in clinical studies of terbinafine, the most effective pharmaceutical drug for onychomycosis.


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