How To Build Solar Panels On Your Own


How to Build Solar Panels on Your Own

So you might have all the equipment and theElectricity Freedom Systemmotivation but you don't really know how to build solar panels on your own. There is no need to worry this article will give your an overview of what you need to start building your own solar panels and start cutting down on electricity bills right after the first month.

The first thing you need is to decide what you are going to use your solar panel for. If you're just going to power an electric fence then a 100 watt solar panel will be fine but powering your house you will require a set of 10 - 12 similar solar panels depending on it's size and the number of electrical appliances.

A solar panel can be constructed in just two 2 days. There's around 20 steps to building your own solar panel however you will need a solid detailed guide to do so. The whole process is like running a bicycle, once you get hang of it then you can repeat it on and on, it's not that hard as many people may think it is.

How To Build Solar Panels - An Overview Of The Steps You need to make sure that you have all the components and tools that you need and understand what is the purpose of each one. The solar cells are the heart of a solar panel and they're half of the investment. You can buy second hand or brand new solar cells online at the lowest cost. Some DIY enthusiasts even buy broken solar cells and reuse them. Broken cells might be the cheapest out there but they're not recommended for someone that is building their first solar panel.

Step #2: Wiring the solar cells together. You will need a soldering gun that heats up fast to connect all the cells together. This step will require maximum attention and you'll also have to protect yourself using goggles and gloves when soldering. (Make sure you use a ventilated room)


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