Do You Need Replacement Of Brake Fluids

Do You Need Replacement of Brake Fluids

Do You Need Replacement of Brake Fluids

What do you do when you find yourself in a chaotic situation on the road? Yes, as a general proposition, we all apply the brakes of our cars. There is an ample number of cases where the brakes don't function well. The reason can be many like a faulty rotor or deteriorating brake lines. That is is not all; brake fluids also play a significant role in the proper working of the brakes. Drivers generally don't pay attention to it, but when they do, they only care for its level.

Is topping up the brake fluid the only right thing for better safety on the road, or there is something more than that. When you dig deep for the truth, you will find that more than 25% of drivers in the UK are driving their cars in the presence of brake fluid that is entirely inefficient.

Brake fluid is used to maintain the hydraulic pressure that supports and enhance the action of braking. If the liquid falls below a certain level, the efficiency of the brakes considerably gets decreased, and the brake pedal feels spongy. But, what if we tell you that in many cases that is not the only reason.

Brake fluids also get old with the passing time just like any other component of your car. A newer fluid is comparatively more efficient in stopping a vehicle than the one that has gotten old. Therefore, experts recommend you to get your fluids replaced from time to time.

So, what is it that makes the new fluids more effective than the old one? Let us discuss the reasons in detail:

  • The newer fluids are responsible for producing essential vapours that help in the ease of the hydraulics to maintain the pressure. While the old one loses its vapour generating capabilities and hence, gets ineffective.

  • Another reason why the new one is better than the old is that fluids are hygroscopic and therefore they absorb moisture from the atmosphere. When the fluids get moist, it lowers the overall boiling point of the liquid. This, in turn, changes the entire nature of the fluid.

  • When you study the old fluids boiling point with the new one, you will find that it gets decreased drastically when the fluid is getting old. The experts recommend exchanging the fluids with a new one as soon as the boiling temperature gets as low as 200 degrees Celsius.

When you go for your MOT Test, brakes are the components that should be maintained to the best shapes. As MOT Newark is the safety test that has to be passed by all of the vehicles in the UK to be deemed as legal on the roads, brakes become the originator of it. Therefore, you should maintain them regularly.

If you are confident about your vehicle, then bring it to us for MOT Ollerton, MOT Somercotes. We, here at Farnsfield Auto Centre, provide an authentic MOT test that will make your car legal once again. To know more about our services, don't forget to give us a call.


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