Buy Pepper Spray And Carry It In Your Purse


Buy Pepper Spray and Carry It in Your Purse

There are a variety of personal security products for each person Secret Death Touches Review to choose from and carry. They range from a taser gun which can deploy an electro muscular disruption charge up to a maximum of 15 feet to a simple personal alarm which can set off a 120dB sound drawing the attention of anyone surrounding the situation and hopefully stopping the act of crime in it's tracks. The type of personal security product you choose to carry depends on your particular likes and needs and ability to handle the product correctly.

Tasers are great non-lethal weapons that can be holstered for ready use of carried on the person according to personal choice. Tasers as said before work by deploying a charge that disrupts the assailants muscular system and renders them helpless for a period of time. Even law enforcement carries tasers as an effective weapon or personal security product for taking down an assailant without having to get too close to that person. Tasers range in price from around $300 on up depending on how many accessories you desire and/or power you want in the taser you choose.

A stun gun is another effective weapon similar to the taser but with a stun gun you must make contact with the assailant when discharging your weapon. Stun guns have some real handy characteristics, however, as there are a variety of models and many can fit into a small sized hand as well as be worn holstered on your belt. They can also come disguise as cell phones, flashlights. etc. to catch your attacker by surprise.

Pepper spray is a classic personal security product that has been around for quite some time but never looses it's value in an attack situation. Besides the traditional key chain model that has been around, there are now many different models such as the auto-visor clip that is readily accessible when in your car, the mace baton model, the hot walkers-walking weights with a little extra, and the pepper gun to name a few. Pepper spray is a great personal security device that if used correctly causes the attacker's eyes to tear and shut as well as cause some coughing and choking. While the assailant is tending to his predicament, you have the time and the ability to get away and call for help.


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