When Is It Time To Bring My 4-5 Year Old To A Qualified Mental Health Professional?


When is it Time to Bring My 4-5 Year Old to a Qualified Mental Health Professional?


The first step - admitting that you are powerless over your Brain Plus System Review addiction and that your life has become unmanageable - is also the critical beginning for therapy. You acknowledge that you have a problem and step outside of yourself to fully comprehend the destructive nature of the compulsions that undermine your life, conflict with your interests, and interfere with your ability to mature and to grow.

Step 2 coming to believe that a Power greater than yourself can restore you to sanity and Step 3 deciding to turn your will and your life over to the care of God as you understand God have an analog in therapy. For change to occur, you come to trust your therapist and have faith that he or she can help you. You open up to them and believe that they can have compassion and caring, and that they have your best interests in mind.

Steps 4 and 5 are also similar to therapy, in that they address self-exploration, self disclosure, and confession. Step 4 involves making a searching and fearless moral inventory of yourself, and step 5 is admitting to God, yourself, and another person the exact nature of your wrongs. In a 12-step program, it is often your sponsor who listens to your inventory or your expression of secrets that you have hidden and feel shame about. Trust is an essential and necessary element in both relationships.

It is important to note that if you have experienced serious trauma, and early victimization, therapy with a professional is often the best place to talk about these experiences. Although doing a 12-step inventory focuses on your part in contributing to negative situations in your life, it can be destructive to look for your part in situations where you have in fact been victimized, and had no responsibility.



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