Air Leakage In Your Home - How To Prevent


Air Leakage in Your Home - How to Prevent

Solar energy is clean, renewable and in some area abundant. The Magnifier Engine Review advantages of going solar through homemade panels is that you can build them as you need them and for a fraction of the price of buying them. The average cost per watt produced by a panel that is purchased is around $4.75 whilst building your own will cost you around $1.80 per watt.

This is a huge saving and having the knowledge of building your own panel means that you can maintain them yourself which will keep your costs down too.
Taking advantage of an endless supply of energy from the sun to run your home appliances does not require a huge amount of technical knowledge or a big budget. If you are prepared to learn a few easy skills, you can build your own solar energy panels and may even be able to power your entire home. Building a home solar power system can be achieved in just a weekend and with an investment of just $200.

Understanding how solar energy is captured and converted is important. Once you have a basic understanding of this, you will be able to piece the entire project together very easily. The process of generating electricity through solar panels starts with the solar modules. These are made of solar cells placed in a grid system and connected to each other. The solar panels are then mounted on steel frames and placed where they can be exposed to direct sunlight.

The energy captured by the solar panels is converted from Direct Current DC into Alternating Current AC through an inverter, so that it can be used to power the various appliances in your home. On conversion of energy from DC to AC, the power is transferred to the electrical service panel which is used to distribute the electrical power to various parts of the home. Any excess power produced by the panels and not used will be credited to your future use by means of your electricity meter spinning backwards. This is called Net Metering and is approved by Steve Level Electricity Policy.


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