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anxiety therapist washington dc

CEPS effective therapy in DC helps to provide life-changing psychotherapy practice for people dealing with stress, anxiety, depression and similar issues. Our therapists at the Center for Effective Psychological Services are committed to support you in your journey to reach your full potential.

Welcome to CEPS (Center for Effective Psychological Services)!

Our psychotherapy practice is located in downtown DC. We are deeply committed to providing life-changing psychotherapy for professionals in our local community.

We understand that a specific form of suffering is bringing you to knock on our doors for help. However underneath your “symptom” there is a story that your mind and body are begging you to hear.

At CEPS we are passionate about our work and about helping you reach your goals. All our therapists are committed to continued training modalities of therapy that combine the in-depth psychological understanding of the human mind and how suffering is creating, with training modalities of intervention that are highly effective such as AEDP/ISTDP, EFT, and Somatic Sensory, Mindfulness.


If  during our consultation session you and I identify that your main problem is that your anxiety is not regulated(which usually causes problems such as gastrointestinal pain or discomfort, headaches, difficulty with concentration, panic attacks, blurry vision or other cognitive problems), then we will work together to help you ways to identify early signs of anxiety in your body

You will find it interesting to know that a lot of problems with anxiety regulation are related to our tendency to ignore, dismiss, or not having yet developed the self-observation skills necessary to identify early signs of anxiety.

Depression and Grief:

If the problem is that you are experiencing symptoms of depression such as significant sadness, difficulty with motivation, getting out of bed, significant self-doubt, or general unhappiness, then we will identify what causes or contributes to feeling this way. In most cases, symptoms of depression are the result of using strategies that help us deal or avoid with emotions that we find unbearable or threatening.

If you have experienced a significant loss you may be having a similar experience of deep sadness, lack of motivation, a deep sense of emptiness, or intense feelings of anger and despair. Grief therapy can help you navigate through this challenging life experience, regain your strenght, and find meaning again.

Difficulties and Relationship:

Relationships, or lack thereof, are certainly one of the greatest sources of pain for most people. We all long for deep connections (whether we know it or not), but frequently experience significant pain when we are disappointed in our expectations, hurt by our beloved imperfect way to love us, or frustrated by our tendency to keep others at a distance.

By witnessing in the here-and-now the display of all these dynamic factors as they facilitate or interfere with the work of therapy, you will have the opportunity to learn how to become more authentic at communicating your thoughts, desires, and needs in the context of interpersonal relationships.

One of the most challenging relationships that we sometimes have, is the relationship with ourselves.


Sometimes it is not obvious that some of the problems that you may be currently experiencing are related to traumatic events.

Our Vision + Values

Our goal is to provide life-changing psychotherapy so that you can be the best version of yourself.  We will work with you to create a meaningful relationship where you can feel safe to uncover, explore, accept, and  challenge deeply rooted patterns of behavior, emotions, and beliefs that create or contribute to your suffering.

Our combined approaches to psychotherapy and psychoeducation are informed by neuroscience, attachment and psychodynamic theory, mindfulness, experiential and mind-body focused interventions that bring about long-lasting change.


We are passionate about what we do. Which means that we are constantly training and supervising our work with our clients in order to provide effective therapy.


At the Center for Effective Psychological Services, we embrace creativity and innovation. We are always integrating new skills and modalities of treatment that are informed by research in therapy outcome and neuropsychology.


We believe that meaningful connections are a key part of staying resilient while serving others.

We hope that when our clients visit our space, they can feel welcomed to a non-judgmental, vibrant, and soothing space.


Our team is diverse and appreciates diversity. We know that our clients come from all corners of the world and we are passionate about extending services beyond borders.

We also are passionate about eliminating the stigma about mental health and therapy through education.


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For more Info connect with us:

1313 L. St NWSuite 140Washington DC. 20005

(202) 595-1834


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