Women's Self-Defense Tips And Tactics The Best Targets To Strike If You Can't Escape!


Women's Self-Defense Tips and Tactics The Best Targets to Strike If You Can't Escape!

Are you serious about real-world, effectiveSecret Death Touches, women's self-defense training? I can see why. The sheer number of attacks against women, domestically, on the streets, and even in the workplace is astounding.Everyday, more and more women are seeking out effective and practical training that focuses on self-defense for women. They know that there is a difference between self-defense for a man and self-defense for women, and want to make sure that they are paying for, and getting, much more than an increased level of confidence from the program they signed-up for!

Where the other articles in this series focused on having the survivor's attitude and mindset - key elements in being able to be truly prepared, this one will focus on giving you a list of good striking points that are very effective women's self-defense, especially against a larger, stronger, male attacker. Remember though, these lists are not just for reading and "knowing." Proper training, practice, hard work, and strategic understanding is necessary if you are to make this information work for you when a 200 pound man who is bigger, stronger, and very determined...

The Best Striking Points for Effective Women's Self Defense Eyes The eyes are what the human body relies on most for sensory input. The body will instinctively protect the eyes at all costs - a fact that you can use to your advantage. So, to poke one with a finger, key or spray a foreign agent in them (like pepper spray, hair spray or perfume), will stop your assailant in his tracks, or at least have enough shock value to enable you to escape.




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