Motives Of The Heart Cannot Be Hidden


Motives of the Heart Cannot Be Hidden

Every believer in Christ has a unique personality which must be Dream Life Mastery Review clearly understood if such individual is to enjoy the inherent benefit derived from the kingdom. If a first son does not know the benefits of his position in the family, it would be extremely difficult for him to enjoy such benefit. There are three distinct areas I will be focusing on to help buttress this wonderful privilege we have in Christ.

As children of God, we are the light of the world. What this implies, is that we are to show direction to them that live in darkness. God is light and as his children we have the same unique qualities of our father. The word of God that dwells in us gives us light and understanding for successful living. This light is equally relevant for those who are desperate to come out of ignorance and confusion. When Jesus Christ was born, the wise men from the east were guided by a great light that shone brightly. That light was the light of God which had descended upon the earth to expose the works of darkness.

It came in form of Jesus Christ to save the world from their sin. It shone in darkness and the darkness could not subdue it. When we have this same virtue in us, demons will see us and disappear. When we enter the presence of those who are ignorant and subdued by sin, knowledge and deliverance will be unveiled. In the book of Matthew 5.13, the Bible mentions the fact that we are the salts of the earth. This to me is one of the most wonderful virtues ever bestowed on the believer in Christ. Salt itself has numerous benefits, some of which includes.

We as children of God are expected to preserve those around us. The world as it is, is becoming decayed due to sin and immorality, but as we intervene wherever we find putrefaction, life will freshness will return. Every food that is cooked must have a little quantity of salt to enable it have some taste. This unique quality is also present in the life of every believer. We add taste and flavor to this tasteless generation. If we fail to make use of our unique gift, the implication is that God will withdraw such gift from our life.


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