The Power Of Prayer


The Power of Prayer

Prayer is pleading, love, total abandon of our problemsInstant Manifestation Secretsand faith in God. Through prayer we express our hopelessness and give our problems over to God completely. We acknowledge God helping us and getting the problem resolved. Prayer is an important tool for everyone. Prayer is our way of speaking to God. It is our way to get guidance, healing, and hope from him.

Prayer is not like a birthday cake, you don't get on your knees and wish and expect it to come true. God works in more subtle ways. For example you may pray to god for money when you are in a bind, a week later you get a job. God helps give you the means to help yourself. He is not a genie that grants wishes. When we pray to God, he will show us the way by giving us signs. It is up to us whether to pay attention to his signs. These signs won't blind us in a brilliant flash of light. We have to see these signs with not only our ears and eyes, but with our heart and soul too.

Prayer is something we need to do on a daily basis. We have to open our heart to what god has to say to us. We need to stay on the path he has chosen for us. Prayer is answered when we pray and have a private conversation with God. We humble ourselves before him.A prayer is more effective when we say it from our heart and not just go through the motions. When we bow our heads in prayer, we are surrendering to God's will. Sometimes when God answers a prayer, it's not what we expected, but God works in mysterious ways.

There have been studies done that showed patients sick in ICU units heal much quicker when someone is there praying for them. There are two types of prayer. There is the prayer to benefit you world affairs and prayer for spiritual growth. Each prayer is answered by a different persona of God. Your spiritual level is the single most important thing in making sure your prayers get answered. Prayer works we just have to let go and let God guide us.


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