Which Starcraft 2 Guide To Buy?


Which Starcraft 2 Guide to Buy?

This has to do with being aggressive since you want to cover Video Game Tester Jobs Review as much ground as you can. Ideally you want to expand as much as you can without your opponent expanding. Map control is especially important for Zerg because of their style. They have their own turf known as creep that not only gives them vision but it makes their units fight better. In every game you play you should be trying to surround your opponent and wear them down until they give up.

I know it is pretty obvious but you should know about every upgrade, ability, and structure so you can figure out how to surprise your opponent with different strategies. Also make sure to understand the other races. As the saying goes you should know your enemy in order to take them out.
If you are not familiar with micro and macro then let me explain. Micro refers to controlling your combat units on the map whether it is using abilities, kiting, or getting in formation. Macro refers to the mechanics of the game like building structures, producing units, and expanding.

Macro is more important since you need to keep up with production in order to have a large army to take out your opponent. But micro is very important as well because if you turn your back on your army your opponent can take them out with ease. Every unit is unique so each unit should be controlled differently. Each one attacks differently, has different abilities, and does well against certain units as I will explain.

Not a lot of players get this but formation is a big factor in every single battle you play. You want to have the better position before a battle starts against your opponent. You want your units ready. Know where your opponents army is going to attack and spread your units out. Make a concave shape so that your units will be kind of surrounding them.



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