Top 5 Types Of Dynamics 365 Portals For Businesses

Top 5 Types of Dynamics 365 Portals for Businesses

Top 5 Types of Dynamics 365 Portals for Businesses

Dynamics 365 portal is necessary for businesses for many reasons. Whether your business wants to offer an easy way to communicate to customers or enable them to view and manage their purchased services by themselves. This will result in a less burden on support teams and a customer can get answers about their basic questions. For more advanced support and technical issues, they can directly communicate with your support team through calls or emails.

In this article, we will talk about what are a different type of Dynamics 365 self-service portals based on technology, departments, and requirements.

There are 5 basic types on which these self-service portals are gets divided into:

  1. Customer Support Portal
  2. Event Management Portal
  3. Order Management Portal
  4. Product Warranty Management Portal
  5. Membership Management Portal

We will discuss these types one by one according to the situation of the business without a Web Portal and what added benefits business will get with the web portal.

  • Customer Support Portal

        - Condition of business without a web portal

    • After purchasing your product or services, a customer requires 24/7 support information in case of difficulties faced by him
    • Building customer support teams can be costly
    • Size of the support team and flow of support cases should be balanced or else too much burden on support team result in poor customer delivery

       - Condition of business with web portal

    • Customer can receive better service via self-service
    • Increased effectivity of support resources
    • Fulfilled customer
  • Event Management Portal

       - Condition of business without a web portal

    • Hard to know who is registering for an event and it is full or not
    • Shifting resources to manage inbound calls
    • Process of registration is manual and managing billing is time-consuming
    • Customer can get frustrate on the phones if completion of registration takes more time

       - Condition of business with web portal

    • Obtain real-time data of the event registration process
    • Increased effectivity of support resources
    • Payment process automation increases customer satisfaction and business efficiency
  • Order Management Portal

       - Condition of business without a web portal

    • Need resources to handle customer information requests such as "what is my order status" or "what is my order number"
    • Wanting to offer an increased level of customer service
    • Competitors are providing this service with automation

       - Condition of business with web portal

    • Customers receive and access their own information faster
    • Enhanced customer service
    • Less volume of inbound calls
  • Product Warranty Management Portal

       - Condition of business without a web portal

    • Hard to know which customer has which product
    • Disappointed customers looking for fast solutions
    • Manual addition of warranty info from warranty card
    • Manually direct customers to the nearest service location

       - Condition of business with web portal

    • Collecting more correct customer data
    • Enhanced customer satisfaction with quick answers
    • Fewer labor resources required to manage customer warranties
  • Membership Management Portal

       - Condition of business without a web portal

    • Low confidence in member data accuracy
    • Management of member profile updates are not possible or time-consuming
    • At certain time, a large number of a renewal request

       - Condition of business with web portal

    • Members keeping their information up to date which enhances data accuracy
    • Enabling members for self-service features so they can access 24/7
    • Through automation, it is possible to manage a large number of updates
    • Increased member service and loyalty

Built on Dynamics 365 technology, Using IOTAP's Customer Self-Service Portals can enable your customers to interact with your businesses more, able to provide 24/7 customer support and enable them to self-service themselves so your support teams can focus on other important activities.


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