3 Don'ts To Help You Achieve Total Body Detox


3 Don'ts to Help You Achieve Total Body Detox

What makes smoking tobacco so harmful?Zenith DetoxIt's basically due to the cornucopia of chemicals that cigarette and cigar companies add to their products. In fact, cigarettes contain over 4,000 chemical compounds, and among this figure at least 10 percent of them are poisonous substances. As you inhale a cigarette, its tip burns at about 1300º F. This causes the tobacco to decompose and create different toxins. Some of the most harmful substances include nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide. Smoking tobacco products can result in a wide variety of health ailments, including cardiovascular disease and emphysema.

What's your high-sugar food of choice? Is it cakes, cookies, donuts, or candies? Reducing your sugar intake is another means of achieving total body detox. The average American eats and drinks 2 to 3 pounds of sugar weekly. Few are ripping open a bag of sugar and pigging out. Instead, they are digging into modern meal conveniences (such as bread, ketchup, breakfast cereal and microwave meals) are full of refined sugars in various forms.

How serious is the problem? Consider that prior to the 20th century, the average American consumed about five pounds of sugar annually! Your "glycemic index" indicates how food can impact your blood-sugar level. High levels of sugar increase your insulin level, which in turn negatively impacts your immune system's ability to keep various diseases at bay. And, in case you don't know it yet, yes it's a bad thing!

By reducing your sugar intake and increasing your intake of Vitamin C in particular, you can boost your immune system and achieve total body detox. This is because the chemical makeup of glucose and Vitamin C are similar. So when you increase your blood-sugar levels, you reduce your cells' intake of Vitamin C.




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