Proverbs 22 - The Value Of A 'Good Name'

Proverbs 22 - The Value of a 'Good Name'

Proverbs 22 - The Value of a 'Good Name'

Yes, this is indeed a highly serious moment. Do take time or make time to Dream Life Mastery Review read John Chapter 15, and consider what Jesus is saying to His disciples here in these sentences.It is significant that all these words translated 'you' are in the plural. Jesus is not giving a promise to one individual disciple.He is giving it to the Church - to the body of believers - to the fellowship of the faithful.

When you are mutually loving one another as I have loved you then you can have what ask for - this is one of the secrets of prayer - union with Jesus Christ and union with one another.In verse 16, there comes a mighty word. He has chosen us. I have picked you out and selected you for special privilege and favour. In times of doubt and wondering and despair, hold on to these words.

I have ordained you, or put you, or placed you, or appointed you, or set you there, for one thing - fruitfulness - and Jesus wants the fruit to last.If another branch in the vine ever let us down, then we forgive him. We never ever contemplate retaliation. We never allow it to enter our heads to get our own back.We forgive and we continue to love and serve. This is Christian Love. Anything else is just playing with words.

In verse 17, Jesus repeats this command. "Love each other". Jesus repeats it, because it is so essential and it is also so very difficult and challenging. Jesus Christ was never slow in repeating or underlining and emphasising what is really vitally and important and there is a reason. He knew what man was like! He knew what our hearts were like. There are some lessons we need to be told and taught time and time again, because we can so easily forget.Scientology is most definitely a religion, and it is most definitely a philosophy.While there is no straight agreed upon definition of religion, these above two categories are how religions are majorly divided and categorized.


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