Get Back To Basics!

Get Back To Basics!

Get Back To Basics!

Five practical activities for building good relationships between coaches and salespeople  High Performance Selling Review are as follows: Affirm and acknowledge the need for coaching often Reassure the salesperson that coaching is not a criticism of skills but rather is a method for making the very skilful even better Affirm and acknolwedge the skill level that is already developed in the sales person.

Carry on continual dialogue concerning the reason for coaching Save teasing and joking for other areas of the work place. Never belittle or embarrass the salesperson. Be sensitive to the ego of the salesperson. It is a natural human tendency to get complacent. Familiarity with the job and the repetition of tasks and approaches over and over, tend to bring a person to a place of being mediocre or run of the mill. This is where affirming the need for coaching is critical.

When a sales staff is accustomed to the coaching aspect of ongoing training and preparation, there is room made for real growth and the sales person can remain vital. The sales person must have internalized the idea, that no one gets to the point of knowing, past which, there is no additional learning. It has been said, "the enemy of learning is knowing."

Being sensitive to the salespersons ego is paramount to a successful coaching relationship. This is why sales managers are not necessarily good candidates for sales coaches. The sales manager is in the position of authority and ultimately is responsible for discipline action all the way through termination of the salesperson. It should be given in private so that the sales person is not put on the spot. The sales manager can save the tough dialogue for the disciplinary encounters that can be handled no other way. This is always after the individual has refused to be coached.


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