Why Book Smarts Does Not Equal Success - An Explanation Of Multiple Intelligences


Why Book Smarts Does Not Equal Success - An Explanation of Multiple Intelligences

Now it is time we take up our tools but this time we play lets pretend Success Mastery Academy Review    with a purpose we are crafting our futures we are creating our futures in our image. The image we hold most dear and constant of our selves is the image we are creating ourself as. So what do we chose to create, do we chose to create what could happen to us if we can't pay our bills Maybe imagine ourselves homeless even Is this the future we really want to create How about instead of imagining we can't pay our bills imagining we happily paid off all our bills and with our good credit we are approved for a loan to buy a new car or house or what ever we may like.


The prize has no economic value, and once you win it, no one can take it from you. And you can't buy it, you must earn it. The prize is worth whatever price you have to pay, but you must be willing to pay it. You can't win the prize if you don't pay the price. That's just the way life is.Many people feel or believe they are worthy of the prize, even though they have not yet paid the price. If this were the only requirement, it would be unnecessary to even have to pay a price. Everyone would win the prize just by showing up. Just being born would be enough to win the prize.Unfortunately, if this were the case, the prize would have no value, and people would treat it with disrespect and scorn.

What gives the prize its value is not winning the prize itself or the value that other people put on the prize, but the price that each of us must pay to earn the right to win it and then enjoy it. I must admit that at times in my life, I thought I wanted the prize without paying the price. On one occasion, God chose to give me the prize without the payment of the price. In the end, I lost the prize. In fact, while I had it, it was filled with emptiness, envy, jealousy, sadness, and resentment.

The prize is not about race, gender, color, age, education, or cultural background. Everyone can win the prize.So, our role is simple Pay the price and if you win the prize, rejoice and be thankful; and if you don't get the prize, rejoice and be thankful. Sound like a paradox It is. God makes the rules. He determines the price and when you have earned the prize. What is the prize It is spelled out clearly in the following pages.




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