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Image Editing Software for a Perfect Photo

The Scrubly servers are fire-walled, require biometric access Newscaster Vocalizer Review controls the company employees will be required to use fingerprint access, for example, are under constant surveillance, have redundant power feeds and generators in case the power goes out, robust fire suppression systems, and carefully monitored climate control systems to protect the servers that store your data.

Scrubly uses a strict password policy including complexity requirements must be a certain length, contain a mix of cases/characters, a password history, and a forced reset. Experienced internet users will recognize and appreciate this as being pretty standard and to be expected. All data in your Scrubly account is copied across multiple database servers in three separate geographical locations. In effect this means that should one or even two of the servers fail, your data will be secure. If you read through the detail on their website, they also back up the data every night to tape, which is again a standard one would expect from a professional company. What's more, the data is stored in a secure off-site location on the off chance that there might be the odd tornado flying around.

Having set up an exemplar database of made-up contacts including duplicates of course in a different Gmail account, I let Scrubly rip through and it was super-quick to see how much control over the process I had. Thankfully, I was able to take complete control as Scrubly asked for my approval for the recommended changes at every stage of the process. There is even an option to undo and revert to the original data at any time, be it weeks or months later.

Scrubly also has the ability to merge compatible contacts. This was actually more useful to me than simply removing duplicates, as very few of my issues were with actual identical entries. Scrubly will look for two or more matching key fields like email address, phone number and if it finds data that is compatible, it will give you the opportunity to review one or all of these contact groups before processing. Once I had got used to this simple and brilliant idea and learned to trust the process, I used the automated one click option, which is so much quicker. Not bad for a self-confessed control freak.


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