Oh My Aching Feet!


Oh My Aching Feet!

On the other hand, what if you couldn't feel foot pain?Clear Nails PlusMany Americans have been diagnosed with, or exhibit symptoms of, peripheral neuropathy. This occurs when nerves that carry information from your brain to various parts of your body are not working correctly. This condition can implement itself as numbness or as a painful burning or tingling sensation and most often affects the hands or feet. Often seen in diabetics, peripheral neuropathy can also be due to trauma or pressure on the nerves, toxins such as chemotherapy agents or excessive alcohol consumption, infection, and vitamin deficiencies, to name a few.

One complication of peripheral neuropathy is an increased risk of falling related to a decreased sensation in the feet. Safety is very important for people with nerve damage. To decrease the risk of falling, be sure to remove area rugs and secure loose wires in your home. Install good lighting throughout your home. Install handrails in the tub/shower and near the toilet. Do not keep small animals in the home. Avoid walking barefoot.

Another complication of peripheral neuropathy may include an increased risk of infection since the patient is often unable to feel pain, therefore, not noticing when something is wrong. An undetected small cut or blister may develop into a serious infection if it goes untreated. This is especially important for people with diabetes, who tend to heal more slowly. It is very important for diabetics with peripheral neuropathy to maintain good control over their blood sugar.



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