Is The Freezing Cryotherapy Safe?


Is The Freezing Cryotherapy Safe?

The area surrounding the procedure will tend to beSouth Beach Skin Labswollen and turn red. You will have to apply some creams available over the counter to relieve the itching sensation and redness. Take some aspirin or any to help with inflammationCare after cryotherapy You are done with the treatment and do not think everything is over and you are done. No this will now start series small developments. The first of these is the blister in that area.

Once the procedure is over there will be this blister which could be oftentimes clear and not have any colors others will probably turn into a red color. DO not be concerned as it s normal and to be expected.

This is the healing time and blister itself needs no special attention. It is a good practice to wash it gently and not rub against it for about two times a day.The time blister heals and turns into a scab and will be there some time. Try using some Vaseline or petroleum jelly on it keep it soft and moist. Do not try to poke at it or try to peel it and injure yourself. Let the healing process take its course. It takes about a 1 week to 10 days and then it will go away. IN the areas of hands it takes a bit longer and in three weeks you should be fine.

There are other places like the legs where this process of healing is slow and long. It may even take three months for scabs to fall away. DO not do anything just wait for nature to take its own course.

What about secondary infection?There are no such secondary infections as a rule for this procedure. When it does come it will be with pus filled yellow color. There will be again redness of that area due to infection. The doctor needs at his time to be consulted and he may prescribe anti biotic to reduce this infection.If the procedure involved an area near the eyes the eyes may look puffed for a few days. This takes about 24 hours to come on.


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