What You Need To Know About Diabetes Management


What You Need to Know About Diabetes Management

Be very particular about your treatment and medication.Blood Sugar UltraThis is one point where even the best people fail. Create a medication timetable for yourself if you so wish and then stick to it. Go as per the doctor's advice and be very strict with your treatment. Do take your insulin as per your physician's advice - insulin will cause you no harm, as your body desperately needs it now!

Stick to a healthy, balanced diet. Diet control is a key factor in controlling diabetes. This does not mean you have to starve. Quite on the contrary, you can eat whatever you wish, provided that you eat moderately and keep well in control of those taste buds!Do moderate exercise. That itself will help you regain your stamina and your love for life, besides keeping you fit, fine and well under control!

Educate yourself on all aspects of the disorder. Talk to your healthcare professional and discuss all issues related to diabetes, including the complications that can arise if you do not stick to your medication, diet or exercise schedule. Education leads to knowledge, which in turn, drives unwanted fears out of your mind, which means, you learn to tackle the disease most effectively.

Make it a point to carry some sweets with you always. Just put some pieces of candy in your pocket. It comes of great use whenever your sugar levels go awry. Your blood sugar levels might sometimes register a steep fall if you have strained too much. Keep monitoring yourself. If you should feel sudden fatigue or faintness, if you are tired for no apparent reason and your hands start shaking, your body is probably asking for more sugar. So give it what it asks at that moment!




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