Success Tip Hit The Target The First Time


Success Tip Hit the Target the First Time

While there are second chances, strive toCurso Maestro ReikiDO it RIGHT the very first time you get a chance to do so. Too many times we are complacent because we believe there is a fall back or backup plan. "I will ask for a second chance", we say. Second chances are available but are ideally for those who have GENUINELY done their best in trying to hit. If second and third chances cost us something they would cease to be options for abusers of this grace. If one genuinely misses then there is no room or reason for guilt and condemnation. Falling is inevitable as it is part of the growth process. One's MATURITY is however seen in their quest to RISE after each fall.

Though one falls and fails to hit on first attempt, the attitude is to keep trying. Even a righteous man falls several times but he does not stay down, he rises...ONE MORE TIME. It bad enough to fall but becomes worse when one gets comfortable in the mud fallen into. Don't create a comfort zone, avoid being sorry for yourself, "poor me" attitude and stop creating coping mechanisms for failure. Refuse to accept that it's your nature to fail and put on a fighter's attitude. You are better than all that the enemy has misinformed you about. Just because you have fallen or failed x-times does not qualify you to wear the "failure's face". Many of the great inventions were however not done correctly the first time. Think of the light bulb, motor vehicle or the aeroplane to name just a few. None of these major inventions were one time wonders. It took thousands of failure points but the determination remained there, to keep trying to do the best and improving on potential solutions or signs of breakthrough.

In business however, please know that you really have one chance to make the first impression. Usually people judge a supplier or solutions provider based on the first experience they have with you. If you provide such a half-baked solution, make shift, poorly constructed presentation, you are written off as part of history and unfortunately this is rather instant than gradual. You would have to put in extra effort and energy to ensure you get back to a point where you can be trusted to make another impression.

It is one chance to make a first impression. This also happens with job interviews. No matter how well polished your testimony or resume could be, people still await to see whether you meet the information implied in the resume. Many bright sparks, big brains and deep thinkers have unfortunately never clinched the jobs they have always desired as they presented such a different first impression to that carried by the resume. The first impression created by your resume is almost like you sending a team ahead of a meeting to represent you.


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