Desire To Be Successful - The Truth Is Purpose Produces Passion


Desire to Be Successful - The Truth is Purpose Produces Passion

Preparation, planning, and success experiences will all help you   7 Day Prayer Miracle Review  through the experience of fear. If you are clear say about a presentation you will be making at work, you can at least have confidence that you have prepared and know your material. Practice and visualization will aid preparation. Strategic planning as to how you will accomplish your goals will help you to feel more empowered, less adrift, and frightened.

Success breeds success. To transcend fears and assist yourself with self-confidence, remind yourself of your successes, your talents, and your skills. Stay in the present, keep focused and concentrated, and avoid the "what if's. Actors know that if they are prepared, this will ensure a better performance. A successful actor also knows though that he must keep his anxiety (and fear) in check enough so that a bit of "anticipatory anxiety" will keep him focused whereas too much anxiety and fear will negatively impact performance. Build more and more success experiences for yourself. Make it happen! You'll be glad you did!Dr. Debbie Campbell is a Psychologist, Certified Business and Personal Coach, and recent author of DARE TO SUCCEED: How to Transcend Your Fears and Achieve Your Goals. You can contact Dr. Debbie at (818) 783-0328, or visit Her book can be ordered through her website, or through

First off, success comes at a great price. That's right, there are no free handouts. fundamental success strategy concepts follow a distinct yet proven course of action. A price must be paid in the action it takes for completion. What! Hold it right there, you mean I gotta do something. There are many people who believe you can simply buy success. That's right, just put it up on the auction block and it goes to the highest bidder. Even though you must pay a price for success, it cannot be purchased.

If you have to pay a price for success but you can't buy it, what then, is success. This is a question you must answer clearly in your mind before you attempt to pursue it. Success has different meanings for different people. For some it is wealth, power and recognition while for others it is simply having enough to eat each day.Is the price to much.



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