Signs Of High Blood Sugar


Signs of High Blood Sugar

Power Foods For Diabetics: Foremost, you need to follow a healthy Gluco Neuro Blood Sugar Regulator Review   meal plan filled with lean proteins, whole grains and fresh vegetables and fruit in moderation. Some excellent power foods to include in your diet are the following: salmon, tuna, berries, dates, greens, lentils, oats, walnuts and dairy. You should also look at the glycemic index of foods that you consume. Low glycemic foods are the best choice as they will not raise your blood sugar the way high glycemic foods will. Always plan your meals in advance to ensure that you will eat properly and help to keep your blood sugar levels stabilized.

Exercise: Exercise is very important to a healthy lifestyle. 30 minutes of daily exercise can be very helpful for diabetics. You can break this up into 10 minute routines to make it more manageable and less of an exertion if needed. Good exercise choices are walking and strength training. Exercising in this manner can help keep your blood sugar levels under better control. If at any time you feel dizzy or weight when exercising you need to immediately stop. Also inform your doctor.

Diabetic Supplies: You should always have certain supplies on hand if you are diabetic. These should include the following: sterile gauze, hydrogen peroxide and antibiotic ointment. Should you ever experience an injury or cut you can quickly sterilize and treat it to prevent infection. You should carry a small travel kit with you as well. If you experience any injury, always let your doctor know. Always consult with your health care provider if making any dietary or lifestyle changes, particularly if you have a disease or are taking any prescription medication.

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