13 Myths About Diets Exposed


13 Myths About Diets Exposed

Some myths originated in our childhood, others were started by magazines Detoxil Omega Formula Review  and TV programs decades ago. So here are the top 13 myths about your diet.There is little good in frozen or canned fruit and vegetables. It is astonishing, but frozen and canned fruit and vegetables can sometimes turn out to be better for you than the fresh ones since they are frozen or canned right off the field. As we all know, an immediate freezing is one of the best ways to preserve vitamins. And fresh produce has to travel a long way before it makes it to the store. In order for the vitamins to survive till the moment they get into your body we should unfreeze the produce as soon as we possibly can and cook it in water only. Canned corn, apricots and gooseberries contain no less vitamin C than their freshest version. The trick is to pick out not the ones that are canned in marinade or syrup, but rather the ones that are canned in water or their own juice without any added sugar or artificial coloring agents.

Drinking wine every day is a sure way to become an alcoholic! As a matter of fact, quality wine can protect your body from bacteria, stimulate the digestive gland's function and the production of hydrochloric acid which balances the acidity level. For example, the popular tradition to follow oysters with wine has emerged because of the fact that this delicacy is often contaminated with colibacillus, and there is no other method to neutralize these bacteria that would be more pleasurable. Also when you are traveling to tropical countries, adding a little bit of wine to your drinking water will help you prevent problems with your stomach or intestines. Wines are classified according to their effects: white dry wines are recommended if you have atherosclerosis, red table wines are great at toning you up, and muscat wines act like sedatives. Hence, we should make it a rule to drink half a glass of wine at dinner (you can dilute it with water) in order to combine business with pleasure.Eating right before going to bed is unhealthy.

The work day of a modern person has a tendency to end later in the evening when seemingly dinner is strongly not recommended. However, the dietitians have recently discovered something that is good news for those of us who like to have late dinners. There has been a survey done involving thousands of men and women: half of them were eating as late at night as they wanted to, and the other half was not allowed to eat anything after 6pm. It turned out that after two years of this experiment the participants of the first group did not gain an ounce of extra weight.

In other words, as the result of this research it has been proven that the time of your meals does not have any effect on the process of losing weight! Thereby, night raids on the fridge are no longer forbidden, although there is still one condition: instead of reaching for doughnuts and fried chicken in the middle of the night, go for low-calorie yogurts, fruit and vegetables. It is even permissible to drink white wine. In other words, the quality and quantity of the food you choose for your dinner is more important than whether you eat it at 6pm or at midnight. Furthermore, the doctors assert that we should eat before going to sleep since the acid required to digest food is produced by our body at night and it should not irritate the mucous membrane of our stomach. The same doctors strongly advise to give preference to dairy products right before sleep.



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