Calcium Deposits Leading To Heart Attack How To Avoid Decalcification By Dealing With Anger


Calcium Deposits Leading to Heart Attack How to Avoid Decalcification by Dealing With Anger

One of the biggest factors that increase the risk of having a heart attack is the presence of calcium deposits in the coronary arteries. In a research featured here, calcification is associated with how you deal with your anger. In this piece of information, I will provide details on how to avoid future heart attack by keeping your temper and avoiding calcium deposits.

In one of the meetings of American Psychosomatic Society, a research was presented to reveal that older adults who often express anger feelings have more calcium deposits on their arteries versus their mellow counterparts.

To measure the calcification in the arteries, the research utilized the Electron beam Computerized Tomography or EBCT. After filling up a questionnaire, the 185 test subjects underwent EBCT to gauge the extent of calcification in their arteries.

Another EBCT measurement was conducted after 9 years to the same of individuals. The findings reveal that individuals who lashed out at people when angry had more calcium deposits during the first test during the start of the research and even on the follow-up.

To burst into verbal attack is one of the ways to express one's anger. But this might not be the best way to show your feelings of anger as this is one of the shortest ways to cardiac arrest. In contrary, keeping silent when angry is not also a very good option. Enraged in silence, your body tends to elevate your blood pressure and heart rate.

I recommend you stay calm and put your situation in perspective. This is the best way to manage your anger and take care of your heart.


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