Master Success Coaching Tip - You Must Be Able To Change On A Dime


Master Success Coaching Tip - You Must Be Able to Change on a Dime

The perfectly present moment is both the seed of who you 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review   are and of your experience of now. And just as you can't separate who you are from your experience of now, neither can you separate now from the real moment of change. They are the same. You can't end conflict later. You can't stop being sad, or cruel, or angry, or scared, or anxious later. Later does not exist in reality. This self-created, false concept of time allows it to create yet another you in another time when, according to its prophecy, you'll be a wiser, stronger, and generally superior individual. But for you to experience the miracle of real inner transformation, to step up to a superior life level, you must no longer think in terms of how you'll be next time.

And so it's imperative to meet each moment of your life with this realization: it's only what you do right now that is the seed of change. And in the endless beauty and mystery of what is the now, this same seed of change is also the seed of a New Self. Here's why this is true. If you choose to change right now, then you won't have to worry about how to be different next time!

In fact, choose to change now, and that moment will never come for you to worry about how to be better next time. Again, here's why. Your conscious choice for real change in the present moment automatically cancels the need for a better you in a better future. All will be better for you now, which is the only time it really matters!

How often do you personally do this, or observe others following this type of behavior.: Something goes in a less than optimal manner, and you focus on your bad luck, lack of success, or complain about how unfair it is since you worked, and/ or tried so hard. While from a self - protective perspective that may make us termporarily feel somewhat better or relieve some of that notorious steam, the reality is invariably that when we either resort to blaming others or situations, we are nearly always doing ourselves an injustice by sucumbing to weakness. The only true way to maximize one's chances to be a success in anything is committing to, and mastering the art and science of developing and using a PLAN!


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