How To Balance Work And The Rest Of Your Life


How to Balance Work and the Rest of Your Life

Take an inventory of all the value added actions that exist around  Mind System Secrets Review  what you do. Example - A young manager volunteered to take on a one time project for his employer. He was named Project Manager - in addition to everything else he had to do. He discovered project management skills - that he had in abundance - were scarce. He always assumed that others had what he had - a bad assumption. He ended up taking his skills and putting them to work in a business where project management was a core competency. He prospered.Realize that fears and doubts and negative issues will not go away - they reappear every day. They are one of the engines of accomplishment. Facing them and dealing with them - and in many cases succeeding - and in others failing, but continuing to persist, adds value.

Start today on your journey of discovery of your personal value. Start with the exercise of writing down all the things you have accomplished, succeeded in and overcome in your life. Be prepared to be amazed at yourself.Every day is about momentum. If we can get on a successful roll, we get into what NLP practitioners call a "Resourceful State." You may have also heard this state called, "In The Zone," or "The Flow."

Whatever you call it, this kind of state means you feel very capable, almost unstoppable and it creates the kind of day where you have successes in clusters. It's kind of like a baseball hitter having one of those three-home runs-in-one-day, or a sales person closing five sales in one week. Once you get on a roll, the momentum keeps you going for quite a while.

Then our internal inertial continues to work for us because once we have gotten ourselves moving, the fact that the target task gives a high level of satisfaction keeps us moving onto the next item on our schedule, and the next and so forth. It is a momentum that can carry us through the rest of the day simply because we have gotten ourselves in the "zone," "on a roll," or in a "resourceful state," depending on what you want to call it.


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