Open Source Software Alternatives Can Save You A Lot Of Money


Open Source Software Alternatives Can Save You a Lot of Money

There are several free Open Source softwareUS Concealed Carryapplications suitable to become a valid alternative to commercial, often expensive software we commonly use for ordinary tasks and, in some cases, for specific activities. In some cases they are fully mature projects with complexity, functionalities and quality such as to make them comparable to their direct commercial competitors. In some others the quality is slightly lower or they do not completely implement the whole range of functionalities the competitor does, but In this last case the not or less implemented are often minor functionalities, or functionalities of less frequent use. In some other cases the implemented functionalities of the Open Source alternative are even of better quality.

It is worth to mention that Open Source does not only mean "free use", but also that the access to the program source code and its modification, under certain circumstances and according to the license type, is permitted. Some licenses (GPL) also permit selling both the original and the modified program, provided that the modified program is released under the same license of the original one. Listed below are some Open Source alternatives to most common commercial software.

Open Office is the Open Source leading application in office software suites, actually the Open Source competitor of Microsoft Office. it provides wordprocessing, spreadsheets, presentations, data bases, graphics, HTML pages and more with very high quality results. Unlike Ms Office, your data are stored in an international open standard format, so that they can be easily made compatible with third party programs. You can also create PDFs from any document with a one button touch. Functions can be extended with plugins. Available for Windows (practically all versions), Mac and Linux.

Mozilla's Thunderbird is an e-mail and news client application that for complexity and features can easily compete with Microsoft Office Outlook. It supports POP and IMAP protocols and it is provided with a RSS/Atom reader that can be used as a simple news aggregator.


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