Obtain Blackstone Arrows& RS3gold 8% Off Runescape Cheap Gold Til Feb26


Obtain Blackstone arrows& RS3gold 8% off runescape cheap gold til Feb26

RS3 Blackstone arrows is released in Feb25 in The shandow Reef,Which is the third and last Elite Dungeon. And at the same time it is the good weapon for you fight against the Kranon the Ambassador boss and get another rewards during this event. Anyway, RS3gold is also offers you cheap rs gold with 8% off.

Get RS Blackstone arrows

Blackstone arrows is a new set of tier 92 arrows with the coming of the 3rd Elite Dungeon The Shadow Reef. They can be used with chargebows.

To get Blackstone arrows, you need to attach headless arrows to blackstone arrowheads.

Headless arrows can be made by attaching feathers to arrow shafts. You can gain 15 headless arrows by 15 feathers and 15 arrow shafts.

RuneScape Blackstone arrowheads are obtained through The Shadow Reef,They are dropped in moderation throughout the dungeon.There is "slightly more supply than there is deman".

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Obtain Blackstone arrows& RS3gold 8% off free runescape gold til Feb26

By : Offey

RS3 Blackstone arrows is released in Feb25 in The shandow Reef,Which is the third and last Elite Dun..