Make Money Blogging And Stay Ahead Of The Crowd


Make Money Blogging and Stay Ahead of the Crowd

Google AdSense; This is the easiest and fastest way to start earning money.App Coiner System Review Have you ever visited sites and seen "ads by Google." Owners of businesses, both online and off, realize online advertising is a powerful way to drive traffic to their sites both online and off. Of course they want to advertise to their target market.Chrissy's blog is a unique niche. Not many people spin or die their own yarn.

It is a target market that a business which specializes in supplying natural yarn dye would be very interested in advertising to. Natural Yarn Dyes is an advertiser with Google. Google's system finds and places Natural Yarn Dyes' add on her blog. A knitter goes to Google, types in the keywords "natural yarn dyes" and is taken to a page on which Chrissy's blog is listed. The knitter clicks on the blog, reads an article on natural dyes with interest, and notices that there is an ad for natural dyes. The knitter clicks on the ad. At that point the advertiser pays Google and Google pays a percentage to Chrissy as payment for displaying the ad.

Amazon This is another source of income. Amazon sells not only books and magazines, but real products. In this case Chrissy needs to open an Amazon Associate account and she can select the products that she wants to promote on her site. It could be a subscription to a knitting magazine, it could be a supplier of unique yarn made from dog hair or any of the many things that serious hobby knitters would be interested in. Every time they click on the Amazon ads on Chrissy's blog, and purchase that product, Chrissy gets a commission from Amazon.

Affiliates Chrissy could search the internet for other suppliers of products that relate to knitting. Perhaps there is someone who has put up a DVD that shows beginners exactly how to knit, showing frame by frame how to execute the knit and the pearl. There are many such merchants who have set up an affiliate program. Chrissy signs up as an affiliate and once again, publishes an ad for that supplier on her blog. The merchant will pay a commission to Chrissy for any visitor to her blog who makes a purchase from that ad. A good affiliate resource is Clickbank.


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