Successful Thinking Vs Unsuccessful Thinking


Successful Thinking Vs Unsuccessful Thinking

I read through some very enlightening information that I thought I  15 Minute Manifestation Review would pass along to you in my own words. Not only was this enlightening but it was also very encouraging for me because I was able to see clearly how my mindset has brought me to where I am at today.This info deals directly with the thinking of an unsuccessful person verses the thinking of a successful person. There is no doubt in my mind that the unsuccessful person has to change their mindset before they will ever move forward and achieve their dreams. Their dreams will remain a mere dream until they enter into a different way of thinking.

The UNsuccessful person will look at an opportunity or investment and think to themselves, "How much money do I have to spend" However...... The SUCCESSful person will look at an opportunity or investment and think to themselves, "How much money will I make in return for my investment and my time"The UNsuccessful person will think, "How do I make an instant $1,000 I need money now!" But..... The SUCCESSful person will think, "How can I turn this $20 into $100 monthly, then $250, then $500, then $1,000 and $10,000

A person walks up to an UNsuccessful person and says with excitement, "Hey! I know how you can make an extra $100 a month!" The UNsuccessful person say, "Whatever, it's only $100 bucks. I need to make more money than that." While.... When a person approaches a SUCCESSful person and says, "Check this out! I can show you how to make an extra $100 bucks a month!" The SUCCESSful person says, "Cool! Can you show me how I can turn that into an extra $1,000"If you told an UNsuccessful person that they could take just $200 a month and turn it into $10,000 a month within 1 year if they worked hard and they were coachable, their response would be... "Within a year I don't have that much time to waste! Who knows what's going to happen within a year" However..... The SUCCESSful person would say, "A year That's it Let's get started! How much would I make in 2 years"

The UNSuccessful person will see an item on sale that they don't really need and even though they don't have the money to purchase that item, they will just put in on credit and pay for it later. But.... The SUCCESSful person will save their money and pay cash for it.The UNSuccessful person will join an MLM that doesn't have a monthly autoship or service cost and hope that a truckload of people will be placed under them. But.... The SUCCESSful person will join an MLM, come in with the largest start up package and pay the monthly autoship. They'll work hard and not expect anyone else to build their business for them.


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