Is The Law Of Attraction The Shortcut To Success?


Is the Law of Attraction the Shortcut to Success?

So here's the thing: Despite the fact that I obey the law; honor codes of ethics and follow 15 Minute Manifestation Review  behavioral etiquette I remain perplexed by my periodic futile attempts to ignore the most powerful omnipotent and all-pervasive Prime Rule of the Universe which is the Universe will not change its rules to accommodate my whims fantasies and desires. Simply put If I always do what I've always done I'll always be where I've always been. Ignorance is no excuse; there is no court of appeals clemency does not exist.

Yet I proclaim This time will be different; I'll lose the weight. This time I'll be perfect. Although - aside from more enthusiastic lip service - I don't actually DO anything differently from all the OTHER times I espoused that same pronouncement. Soon frustrated and angry again I grumble about my results (or lack thereof) as they are exactly what they were each previous time I did the same thing. Why I ask. This isn't fair!
How you handle your mistake makes a big impression both at home and at work.

When you realize you have screwed up how you handle your mistake is crucial. When you deny responsibility it reflects you being defensive. You can lose all of your credibility if someone proves you were responsible for the mistake. Dealing with the mistake appropriately requires courage and this integrity is a character of a leader. I've personally witnessed a moderate mistake made by a commercial driver that led to his termination because he made matters worse by denying responsibility for his mistake. He did not acknowledge the mistake he committed when there was a witness.

When you made a mistake the best option is to accept it. Better yet when you realize you made a mistake inform your supervisor or if it is personal be honest and let your parents or spouse know about it. Admitting your mistake right away increases your credibility and integrity. People will respect and appreciate your honesty. It may be difficult but that is the best approach. This too will not help if you keep repeating the mistake. It is then merely carelessness on your part even if you admit it.


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