Food Product Substitutes


Food Product Substitutes

There are many alternatives to "used to" or substitute products. Afterburn Aminos Review  Although most of them won't actually taste exactly the same as the real product, over time you do find many substitutes that you will thoroughly enjoy. Often just changing brands makes a big difference in taste.Most of the day to day ingredients that we consumed as meat eaters have a veggie substitute, be it the vitamins found in vegetables and nuts, or faux cheeses and meats. Milk on cereals, in coffee, tea, breakfast and cooking is easily replaced with the many non-dairy types that can be found at health stores such as rice, oat and soya milks. There are egg, meat and cheese substitutes which ensure no traditional home-cooked meal need be missed.

Many who decide to convert to an exclusively plant-based vegan diet decide to keep their already-purchased leather, wool and silk garments until old and worn out. Often these people argue that this is because they feel that an animal had to die and suffer in the production of the product and therefore it should not have died in vain. Others decide that it's repulsive to wear dead animal products and cannot bare the sight of the product anymore.

Ultimately the choice to wear out or throw out is up to each individual. Over time however, most vegans will eventually rid themselves of all their ignorant or unconcerned purchases. They have comfort in knowing that they no longer support or condone these cruel and senseless industries.Being vegan can be very challenging, especially when it comes to the thoughts of other non-vegan friends, family and co-workers. Unless you are blessed to be surrounded by enlightened vegans, you will more than likely be ridiculed, told that you will make yourself ill, that man was designed to eat animals, or that you're just plain weird. Some people who you know may will be in shock and won't understand your decision. My own sister tells people that I am allergic to meat; how could someone possibly decide to not eat meat!

If they say we were designed to eat meat you could mention that if we were designed to eat meat surely we wouldn't need to cook it or that our canines are not like that of all other meat eaters, which are normally a lot longer and sharper.If they say that there is no iron in vegan diets, you could mention that green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds have iron.If you are told you will get osteoporosis because you do not consume dairy foods, you could mention that seeds, grains and nuts contain calcium and that we are the only animal species on this planet that drinks the milk from another animal.I always say that I don't mind people eating meat, just as long as it was happy meat - meat from a liberated animal that lead a normal and natural life, and that had the opportunity to fulfill its natural behaviours. But not caged or diseased animals that suffer at the hand of profiteers. This goes down well, especially if they thought you were another preacher.


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