4 Simple Steps To Visualization Success


4 Simple Steps To Visualization Success

Make time for yourself. If you are a busy person with family, friends and Awaken The Species Review  your career you will need to set some time aside for you. Having some down time is important so that you can unwind and relax. You need to feel good about who you are and what you do in life. When you are doing something that makes you feel good and relieves stress you will find it much easier to get back on track and make your goals the most important thing to you.

Lana Monnier coaches entrepreneurs and online business owners. Now the CEO of Classynet and direct marketer who specializes in developing new ideas and methods on Internet Marketing, she writes, speaks and consults on Marketing, Internet and Business systems.Everyone had beliefs. They are your core values, statements of certainty in your life. They are the very key to your life and they are powerful because they control what you bring and invite into your life.

Beliefs are absorbed while you are growing up and throughout your life. They can be instilled by teachers, parents, classmates, and by past experiences. There are also global and cultural beliefs that we get from the culture we grow up in. Education instills beliefs in us e.g. 'If you are not educated you will not get a job.'Let me give you a simple example. If as a child you were bitten by a dog, it forms a belief in you that dogs bring fear and pain. You will do what you can to avoid being close to a dog, and when you are, it will bring back the feelings you had as a child when a dog bit you.

So beliefs are formed in you through all different ways, but the powerful thing about it, is that your creative thinking builds upon these beliefs, maybe upon those past experiences. Your imagination starts to think and may go something life this.. 'what could have happened if that dog had not stopped at biting me, he could have jumped on-top of me, I could have had permanent facial marks and deformities, never been able to get married or get a good job, become homeless and alone...' you see how your imaginations builds on a simple belief




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