Do You Manage Your Problems Or Do Your Problems Manage You?


Do You Manage Your Problems Or Do Your Problems Manage You?

In every field there are innovations occurring every day. New processes and  15 Minute Manifestation Review  procedures are being developed around the world to make your work more efficient more effective and more competitive. You can only keep up with those innovations by continuous study of them and by incorporating them into your work through improvement.

The way people relate to one another is also changing daily. More and more you need to market yourself and your skills. You need to operate in an on-line environment to a greater or lesser degree in all you do if you want to remain competitive and visible. This is equally true for you as an individual and for your company. This constant effort at improvement and exploitation of digital communications and relationship building not only is essential but it can also be the source of tremendous distraction.

Do you spend time joining social networking groups such as LinkedIn or Facebook How many do you join How do you maintain focus if you join too many How much time do you spend improving your website At what point does that effort cause a diminishing return These are the kinds of questions you must ask yourself and analyze in your particular field. It requires some research and constant evaluation of the changing digital landscape to understand where your focus needs to be best spent.

The same is true of how you manage relationships especially business relationships. How much time you devote to nurturing important relationships with colleagues bosses customers and others in your sphere of influence can be critical to your success. Too little attention and focus on these activities could leave you isolated and missing critical opportunities to advance your goals. Too much time on these activities can dilute your focus by spreading your time and efforts too thinly - that is by losing critical focus.


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