Put Your Attention On What Matters Or Entropy Will Eat You Up


Put Your Attention on What Matters Or Entropy Will Eat You Up

For you to observe with purpose, you'll

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need to put aside what you do not want to see and focus upon what you do want to see. This means that you'll need to spend time working on your attitude. Set aside any doubt as to your ability to achieve what you want and focus only on what you wish to achieve. Let's see how this works through example.

Let's say your goal is to buy a boat. Somewhere you decided you wanted a boat by observing. Perhaps someone you know has a boat, or you visited the lake last summer and saw a boat you wanted. Perhaps your children want a boat. Somewhere you observed something that tied back to wanting a boat. Now you have set your goal and you've chosen the model and timeline to achieve the goal. You've picked up a boating magazine and your reading plan includes learning more about boating.

Now focus your observation. Go to the dealership and get a good look at your boat. Pick up brochures, walk around your boat, climb in and really observe your boat. Sit behind the wheel and imagine driving your boat. It is your boat. Subscribe to Boating Magazine. Join a boating club and observe boaters. Take a boating class. Remember, it is your boat. You are observing and experiencing boat ownership. Getting the boat is an inevitable conclusion of your observation.

Experts tell us that your mind has no ability to distinguish between what has actually happened and what has been imagined. To the mind every insight is real. Children possess the ability to utilize the imagined to bring about real results. A young boy envisions hitting the game winning jump shot. Day after day he practices, imagining the scenario where he will have the opportunity to win the game. Then, as if by some supernatural circumstance, he finds himself in the situation he has "seen" in his mind countless times. Is it any wonder he succeeds and sinks the basket?



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