Caffeine - Can It Help In Soothing Painful Muscles?


Caffeine - Can it Help in Soothing Painful Muscles?


Think of it as an autoimmune disorder wherein the immune  Arctic Blast Review  system which normally responds beneficially to fight any infection automatically reacts to combat its own defenses. Even a minor infection which raises the white blood cell count could trigger the autoimmune system of to attack its own body tissues.
Poorly understood, systemic JRA is difficult to diagnose and treat without a series of tests to rule out all other diseases. It can be worrisome because some of its symptoms closely resemble those of leukemia, bone cancer, and other nervous syndromes.

Depending on its severity, the disease is characterized by multiple signs and symptoms such as joint pain, swelling, and stiffness for more than six weeks straight. The child experiences prolonged bouts of high fever and chills which peaks with unexplained measles-like rashes. The experience can be very disheartening and debilitating, which is why pain management should be given importance in systemic JRA.

It is not contagious, because it is neither bacterial nor viral but rather a disease of the immune system. It can be inherited as a third-generation disease, meaning it skips one generation and manifests itself in the next. There is no clear explanation why some children outgrow it completely while others have long symptom-free periods followed by a sudden show of flare-ups.

During JRA flare-ups, a child is prone to lose weight and muscle mass which results from lost appetite and limited body movement. On the other hand, prolonged medication and lack of activity would lead to excessive weight gain. Rather than leading a sedentary lifestyle, you could encourage your child to engage in non-strenuous play and sports activities which exercise the joints, bones, and muscles.


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