Basics Of Leadership And Teaching Success - The Most Important Principle In Every Situation


Basics of Leadership and Teaching Success - The Most Important Principle in Every Situation

Every day we are confronted with relationship issues that somehow Becoming Limitless Review  revolve around leadership, teaching, or both. No one is immune unless they exist in a vacuum, having no association with any other people or animals. The degree to which we achieve success depends upon how we handle these sticky situations and the real opportunities they represent.The one principle that applies in every case is that of discernment. As leaders, as teachers, we must be able to identify the reason we are not getting the results we desire from our students, our employees, or our horses. Not once, in thirty-five years as a business consultant and horse trainer, have I encountered an exception to this principle.

What we need to determine is whether our results are less than expected due to a lack of willingness or a deficit in ability. The only two possible reasons someone does not do as we ask are (1) unwillingness, or (2) inability.As the responsible party, we must be able to distinguish between these two conditions and make a response appropriate to the situation. Action is always required. No response is nearly always the wrong response.

Enforcement, or punishment, will never fix inability--and no amount of education will ever fix unwillingness. Knowing what is right and wrong doesn't mean a person will always choose right; they are unwilling. Punitive action never mastered illiteracy. Illiteracy isn't an instance of unwillingness to read, it is evidence of an inability to read.The art of leadership is determining which situation you are dealing with, one who is unable or one who is unwilling. Once the root cause is established, as the teacher, the leader, you must provide whatever is needed to make the follower or student now able, or provide what will lead them to willingness.

What about the issue of communication It does not change the process. The leader or teacher must decide whether adequate communication was given. If it was, then lack of communication is being used as an excuse. This is one example of unwillingness. If the leader determines that communication was not sufficient, then the follower was unable. If you as the teacher are not sure which is the true condition, always give the horse or your student the benefit of your doubt.


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