Consume American Ginseng Tea For Mental And Physical Fitness

 Consume American Ginseng Tea For Mental And Physical Fitness

Consume American Ginseng Tea For Mental And Physical Fitness

Again another area I would like to talk about is that of having an iodine source. It is  Zenith Labs Pure Greens Review well established that there are goiter belts around the world. These are areas that medical science has defined as areas that are just endemically relatively deficient in iodine and many regions of the United States are that way. The more land-locked an area is the more that will tend to be an issue and an interesting caution on this is for those who are trying to eat healthier and perhaps are using sea salt is that most sea salt may not contain adequate iodine or sufficient iodine at all to provide an adequate daily source.

In many areas of the world sea vegetables like kelp and other seaweeds are used on a daily basis in the cooking process and of course this does not happen in much of the western world. So some sort of regular iodine source needs to be kept in mind especially in our world where we use so many chloride cleaning products and fluoride additives to toothpaste and in dental procedures and these chlorides and fluorides can actually in a electro-chemical way beat out iodine in its proper place in our thyroids and so having adequate iodine around to give it a chance to get in and fulfill its role in our health is very important. The use of kelp powder or other seaweed products on a regular basis can help in that area.

As I have said before-you will be hearing more and more about uncontrolled inflammation in our bodies and the dangers that go with it. You will be seeing more on how inflammation is the underlying cause of diseases like heart disease cancer and dementia.

What causes the inflammation is oxidative stress which damages the cells and the vessel lining. The damage leads to inflammation which is actually a natural response to an injury because its trying to heal the damage. When this occurs and the inflammation cycle is allowed to continuously go on the consequences are the onset of chronic degenerative diseases.


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