Type 2 Diabetes - What Are The Best Blood Sugar Levels For You?


Type 2 Diabetes - What Are The Best Blood Sugar Levels For You?

Tell yourself to stop. The cravings begin in the mind and you can stop  Halki Diabetes Remedy Review  them if you train yourself to deal with them. Ask yourself what benefit you gain and lose from craving for food. Tell yourself to do the right thing and believe it within your heart that the ultimate and best goal is to have a healthy lifestyle. Begin to say that I can do without this food. Say that the condition you are now faced with will soon come to pass.

Begin to paint a positive image in your mind about the kind of life you would be enjoying if you begin to lead a healthier lifestyle. See yourself healthy without the foods you are craving. See yourself happy, see yourself realizing the goals that you have set for yourself to reach in this life; see yourself living another life.
Find recommended alternatives to the guilty pleasures in your diet: the dairy, the soda, the ice cream, etc. Have them handy so that when you feel the craving you can easily make a switch for something healthier. Take these alternatives with you whenever you are travelling. This will help you avoid the feeling of being an inconvenience to others.

Find sugar alternatives. Since sugar is not your friend instead use alternative sweeteners like Stevia and Xylitol. This way you can get the sweetness that you desire without the damaging side effects.Diabetes test strips let you safely test yourself at home to monitor your blood sugar levels. The test strips are made from plastic. The end of the strip (which is generally white in color) is coated with enzymes, either glucose or dehydrogenise. Generally you will have two machines, one will be the size of your palm and this is where the strips will go and the other is a smaller machine (about the size of your middle finger) and contains a small changeable needle (for hygiene). To test your blood sugar levels you need to load the smaller of the two machines and prick one of your fingers.

This process is fairly painless and then touch the end of the test strip (which has been inserted into the monitor) until you hear a "beep" noise which lets you know that the end of the strip has enough blood for a reading. Once it is ready to show you the results the machine will make another "beep" noise and then will display your blood sugar level. To have an "ok" reading, it needs to be between 5.0 and 7.0, anything higher or lower than those two numbers means you will need to test yourself every day and take the readings into your local doctor. You can purchase these machines and strips from any pharmacy very cheaply. If you do have diabetes then you can get them for free from your doctors who will also want to keep an eye on your levels.




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