6 Reasons Why You Might Be Struggling To Lose Weight And What To Do About It


6 Reasons Why You Might Be Struggling to Lose Weight and What to Do About It

In this day and age of being able to access information and misinformation Ultra Omega Burn Review  at the click of a button it is no wonder there are so many confused gym goers out there who have the best intentions for their health and fitness but seem to get hardly any results.If you have been training to lose body fat and tone up for any period of time and have been getting no results then there is a good chance you are making a common mistake based on misinformation you hear in the weight loss, health and fitness industry.As a personal trainer dealing with clients every day, below are some of the most common reasons you may not be getting the results you desire.

-Not eating enough food: This may be surprising to hear but it is very common for people to go on very low calorie diets to lose weight, and whilst they may drop some weight initially, it won't be long before they mess up their metabolism and hormones and end up putting it all back on again. Yes you may need to eat less food, but you still need to eat. For long term results this cannot be overlooked. Find out your approximate calorie intake for your lean body mass and make sure you don't go anything below 30% of maintenance to lose weight or your asking for trouble.

-Not lifting weights: This is very common amongst women but men also can have this problem. Women think they are going to get big and bulky, and people in general seem to associate losing weight with doing a lot of cardio. Resistance training is important for increasing your resting metabolism, it can burn a ton of calories, and you need to train to maintain your muscle or you will lose it on a low calorie diet.

-Doing too much steady state cardio: This ties in to the last point, a lot of people seem to think that weight loss is achieved through hours and hours of cardio. It actually gets to point where your body becomes quite efficient at doing this cardio and you are no longer getting the same effect you were when you first started, and as fat is utilised as a fuel source during this activity, your body actually wants to preserve fat on your body in preparation for this. Too much steady state cardio will actually promote fat storage at a certain point and will limit your potential to get really lean.



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