Social Network Marketing Is A Bust


Social Network Marketing Is a Bust

When looking at 2011 marketing and advertising budgets reported  7 Minutes Daily Profits Review  by small business owners, it's no wonder there are so many trying to tackle development of a website and social media on their own without asking for professional help. About 23% plan to spend only between $1,000 and $4,999, with over 14% planning to spend less than $999. Only about 16% have budgets exceeding $5,000.

Social Media Marketing is the most rapidly growing area in advertizing and direct marketing in the business world today. By harnessing the power of popular social media sites and services like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, you can target your messages at focused groups of customers of reach a wider audience than ever before.

One of the greatest things about using Social Media Marketing as part of your business' marketing strategy, is that a lot of the approaches you can take don't have any associated cost beyond the time they take to set up and manage. Creating a Facebook fan page for your business is free, as is writing a blog or having a Twitter account which you can use to tell your customers the latest news in your industry and inform them about your current promotions.

While you can pay for Facebook advertising if you want it, and can then choose how you want those adverts targeted (perhaps by location, or to people who are talking about certain subjects or have listed certain things in their likes or interests), if you don't have an advertizing budget there is still a lot you can do.The best approach for most people is to set up accounts on all of the key social media sites, and create a consistent, branded look and feel across all of them - everything from your avatars (use your logo for everything) to your screen name on Twitter should be consistent, so your customers and prospects gain a familiarity with your branding and market presence. It also helps to write a blog, and promote this via Twitter, Facebook and Google+ - this will get you more followers and you can use it to write about the selling points of your product. If you don't like writing, you can hire freelancers who will provide you with content, often at very cheap rates.


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