How To Treat BV At Home - Do It Yourself Remedies For Fast Relief


How to Treat BV at Home - Do it Yourself Remedies For Fast Relief

There are two aspects of vaginal My Cellulite Solution Review odor which are difficult to handle. One is the foul smell itself which can become unbearable at times and the other is the possibility of this problem becoming recurring issue. Recurring vaginal odor is best treated with the help of natural cures. In this article I am going to give simple tips on natural ways to treat vaginal odor.

There are excellent natural remedies which you can rely about to treat your condition successfully. Although most of you must already be paying adequate attention to vaginal hygiene, a simple rule to always keep in mind is to wash 2-3 times a day with plain water. Do not scrub the vaginal area and stay away from perfumed soaps, deodorants and sprays. Using perfumed products will mask the odor temporarily and worsen the infection.

Many women sweat a lot. Smelly vagina is the result of the naturally present bacteria in our skin reacting to sweat. Therefore take adequate precautions to ensure that sweat does not accumulate in your groin region. If you wear underwear made of cotton fabric it will absorb the excess moisture and ensure proper air circulation in the vaginal area.

Maintaining a strong immune system is one of the best ways to treat vaginal odor and keep a number of such infections at bay. To achieve this objective you must consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and increase your intake of food rich vitamin C and E. Staying healthy will automatically prevent your body suffering recurring vaginal odor.


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