How Can Lucid Dreaming Stop Your Nightmares?


How Can Lucid Dreaming Stop Your Nightmares?

During one night, while unable to sleep, Bob searches the Slim Down Sleep Review  Internet and comes across an online test for high sensitivity. For some reason, the words 'highly sensitive' resonate with him. He takes the test and realizes that he is a 'highly sensitive person.' This understanding changes him. Having a high sensitivity explains his experience and responses to events in his life.

So... what is a highly sensitive person.Dr. Elaine Aron describes this person as someone who is hardwired in their nervous system to experience everything very deeply and pay attention to all the details around them. They are super sensitive to distractions, noises, movements, temperatures, and sensations which they focus on instead of relaxing and falling asleep. They are easily overstimulated by their environment. Much more so than other people.

Bob realizes that he often gets such a buzz from thinking and figuring things out that he doesn't want to stop. He sees that in a way he has an addiction to figuring things out which overstimulates him so that he can't turn off and sleep. He decides to make changes in his day-to-day to life to take care of his inherent sensitivity and the behaviour patterns that he has created as a result the kind of body and self he has.

Bob is able to sleep better at night once he sets up his life so that he avoids over-stimulating himself in the evening and gives himself time to relax.Everyone dreams at one time or another, these dreams are sometimes forgotten and other times remembered after waking. Dream analysis can often lead to insights in a person's emotional and psychological state of mind. In 1913 a Dutch psychiatrist Frederik van Eeden wrote an article' 'Study of Dreams'. it was in this article that the term 'lucid dream' was used implying that the dreamer was some how conscience will dreaming and there by had a degree of control with his or her dream.


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