Do You Want To Be A Success

Do You Want To Be A Success

Do You Want To Be A Success

Why not learn it first and then use a text editor for the extra speed? My web designer says Brainwave Shots Review he would not have been a web designer if he did not have access to a text editor like Dreamweaver. He would not be able to stand the boredom of writing all the necessary HTML out on Notepad. However, he already knows his HTML well and often solves problems in the HTML code, not to mention PHP and XHTML! He is not dependent on his text editor and can often improve the code of the text editor.

Another popular shortcut on the internet are private label articles, ebooks and even software. Without any effort you can claim to be the author of an article, an ebook or a piece of software which you have not created yourself. I am not against buying PLR products which you can improve and sell anonymously or under a pen name but why claim to have done something which you haven't?

Everyone seems so happy about these PLR products that I do not like to rain on their parade. Maybe I am being too old fashioned? Perhaps we should all claim to have done what others have done? Am I missing the point? I would quite like to be the ex-heavyweight boxing champion of the world if Lennox Lewis offered to share the honour with me. Or would I? You will have to wait until some one who understands HTML has the time to help you out. HTML is not that hard to learn.

On one occasion, my Taekwondo teacher offered a black belt to anyone who asked for it. No one took up his offer. They understood the lesson he was teaching. A black belt means nothing unless you have earned it. If you claim to be the author of ebooks etc without earning the right to do so, you may well deprive yourself of the chance to discover your own talents for writing articles and ebooks and for creating or at least designing your own software.


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