Acid Reflux Help - 3 Easy Solutions To Stop Acid Reflux


Acid Reflux Help - 3 Easy Solutions to Stop Acid Reflux

Do you suffer from heartburn or need acid reflux help If you've tried The Acid Reflux Strategy Review  different products like Tums or Pepcid AC but you still can't get the heartburn to go away, you might try some of the solutions I'm about to describe. Reflux occurs when the acid in your stomach comes back up through the esophagus. The reason this happens is because the lower esophageal sphincter or (LES) is relaxed and can't block stomach acid correctly, and allows it to come back up. You can stop this by changing your diet, medication, and lifestyle.

Diet - there are certain types of food that contribute to acid reflux. Chocolate, spicy foods, peppermint, tomato-based foods, fried foods, and foods that are high in fat are types that tend to trigger the reaction. These particular types of food cause the (LES) to relax, which then makes it easier for acid to come back up. Avoiding these foods help acid reflux from happening and is the best way to make it stop, but it is very hard to do. If you can't eliminate these foods completely, you can eat a smaller portion at meal time instead.

Medication - you can take over the counter drugs, or if you need severe acid reflux help, prescription medication is an option. Over the counter products are either antacids, h-2 receptor blockers, or proton pump inhibitors. Antacids and h-2 receptor blockers are for quick relief and are usually taken before or after your meal. It's best to experiment with each one to find out what works best for you. Proton pump inhibitors usually take between 2 and 3 days before they start working. If these don't work for you, you can get acid reflux help from a doctor who can provide you with a prescription for promotility drugs.

Lifestyle - exercising regularly and losing weight will help significantly. If you are overweight, this can cause pressure to your abdomen and increase the chance that acid will be forced back up. Wearing loose clothes will also help because tight clothes can have the same effect as having extra weight - they both put pressure on your stomach. Less pressure the better. You could also try sitting up for at least three hours after eating. This helps prevent the stomach acid from seeping back up through the esophagus.


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