It Is Possible To Have No Heating Bill In Your Modular Built Home


It Is Possible To Have No Heating Bill In Your Modular Built Home

However, because a magnet generator Power Efficiency Guide Review uses magnets (hence the name), it doesn't require any external fuel source such as petrol or diesel thus making it very safe, quite and above all clean to operate. With zero emissions and the fact that it can produce enough electricity to power about 50% of the average households needs, then a magnet generator is a very real solution to the problems of global warming.

The technology is still in its infancy and hasn't really been taken up by the big commercial manufacturers, but you can rest assured that when it does, the prices will go up as everyone starts to cash in. That's why it's the ideal time to build your own magnet generator while its cheap and easy to do, and start saving the planet as well as saving yourself a lot of money into the bargain.

A permanent magnet generator sounds like it would be something you would find in a science fiction movie from the 1950's or perhaps in a huge power plant somewhere, but this couldn't be further from the truth. You see, a permanent magnet generator is neither large not terribly complex, but it could save you an awful lot of cash by enabling you to produce a lifetimes supply of free electricity.

The concept of a permanent magnet generator was first developed in Australia around 10 years ago. The first prototypes were quite complicated, as is usual with these things, but the design was enhanced over the next decade and the end result is a device that can be built by virtually anyone, using only basic tools and no previous experience.


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