How To Make Healthy Green Smoothies


How to Make Healthy Green Smoothies

The Truly Healthy Margarine?

Type two appeared quite Apple Cider Vinegar Plus Review recently and is still gaining market share. It's a low-fat spread around the price of butter, and as it gains in popularity, the price should drop. They use refined polyunsaturated oils without hydrogenation and they clearly say how much trans fat is in the tub (there's always a little, even in natural oils). Good. Such margarines definitely give advantages over butter - as long as you don't eat a lot. It is a fat, after all! This is so far the healthy way to go.

What is the best oil and fat balance?

One of the nutritional problems in today's West is the predominance of Omega-6 poly-unsaturates in our food, along with a lot of saturates, of course. It was discovered long ago, but not much publicized, that Omega-6 and Omega-3 must be eaten in a naturally balanced ratio with each other, if our body's extraction and reservation of both is to be successful. So the high level of Omega-6 is a bad, not a good thing, unless we eat at least a third of that amount of Omega-3, too. And we don't. It's processed out of our food in the factory, and in fact, most Westerners are significantly short of it. This has been flagged up in so many trials as a likely major factor in atherosclerosis and arthritis that you can take it as so.

What you need to become healthy then, is to cut right down on Omega 6, then find a good source of Omega 3 with not much else in it. There are two big sources of Omega 3: fish oils and flax seed and its oil. Fish oils have almost none of the vital ALA in them -- fish don't store it. If you're healthy, you can make the fish oil fatty acids from ALA yourself, so you really need a good source of ALA. Flax is the only oil with over 30% ALA; it's usually about 55%. That's why flax was a traditional winter food.

For most people, then, I recommend at least 15ml of flax oil a day, and wild-caught, sub-arctic oily fish twice a week. Your complementary Omega 6 oils should be not over 30ml a day Omega 6 content to keep the balance, and on a typical Western diet that's impossible. So you need some diet modification to stay healthy. But you guessed that, didn't you?


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