How To Prepare For That Special Job Or Interview


How to Prepare For That Special Job Or Interview

Research is not just about collatingOvernight Millionaire Systemthe data that is needed in the field in which we are. The real research is searching within ourselves of what we know. There is no point in having all the information to hand without truly assessing who we are and what we can handle. Research is about being truthful to ourselves. We must first look in the mirror and ask ourselves if we are capable of doing what is desired. A musician that has spent the last seven years writing music cannot suddenly jump into the chair of a judge. We must be truthful, if we are not then the whole exercise is a waste. However a musician that is looking to win a new deal with the best producer in town is in his element and arena. The next step is to gather all the information we have of ourselves, of the interviewer and of the field we are in. We must then write this down to a minimum of two pages and a maximum of five pages. Two pages because if it is too little then we would feel we haven't done enough and five pages because if it is too much then it would be difficult to manage.

Winning starts by having confidence in ourselves. This is why we must get used to seeing us for who we are. We must learn to hear our own voice and look at what people see in us. We must study our weaknesses and strengths. We must take the material we have collated and make it a part of us. It should flow at our fingertips like the clothing we have worn for many years.

We should study our gestures when we speak, when we smile and what makes us who we are. This study lets us know and accept us for who we are. It is not so important that we change our natural gestures but what is important is the knowledge that those are our natural gestures and accepting them for what they are. True victory comes with peace of mind. If we have this then we are winners in any situation. The mirror is the rehearsal. It is the prelude to the stage, if we are lucky to do this before someone else and are comfortable with this then this is a bonus. However doing this in front of the mirror is better because most of the time we are our worse critics.

We must avoid being desultory and plan to use the time we would have in the interview effectively. This exercise is paramount to consider all the mishaps that might befall us within the interview such as the interview getting interrupted, there being more than one interviewer other than was scheduled, a delay beyond our control, or anything that could happen. The key here, is having the knowledge that what is in our power to control is done with excellence.


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